Kalashnikov USA KS-12 12 Ga Semi Auto Shotgun KS12 KOMRAD AK12 AK-12

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The Komrad is a US manufactured 12 gauge semi-automatic tactical short barreled firearm based on the Russian Saiga series. It is designed to accept 2-3/4 inches and 3 inches shells and includes (2) 5 round magazines. The Komrad has a SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace, adjustable pistol grip, tri-rail forend, vertical forward grip, standard side mounted optics rail and a threaded muzzle nut. Total length of the firearms comes to 31.5 inches. Most of the currently available Saiga accessories will work on the Komrad including magazines and drums.


(2) 5 round magazines
overall extended 31.5 inches
Barrel length 12.5 inches
Weight 7.85 lb
Pistol brace



  • Type: Semi-Automatic
  • Series/Collection: Komrad
  • Caliber/Gauge: 12 Ga
  • Capacity: 5+1
  • Grip Type: SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Brace
  • Frame Finish: Black
  • Barrel Length: 12-1/2"
  • Overall Length: 31-1/2"
  • Weight: 7.85 lb
Categories: Semi Auto Shotguns
Tags: AR-12, ar pistols
Condition: New
Model: KS12-KOMRAD
Caliber: 12 GA
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UPC: 811777020425
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (5)
By AK shotgun Komrad 12g on 01/28/23
KOMRAD 12g felt apart 2nd day at range

Love the badass look of AK shotgun. Disappointed on performance. Had issue on 2nd time at the range after 30 rounds of Federal 12g slug at 1610 fps ammo. While shooting, the piece of metal attached to the recoil assembly broke off during shooting. I just bought the Komrad for less than 2 weeks, bought it brand new from gunprime.

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By KOMRAD 12g on 01/28/23
KOMRAD 12g felt apart 2nd day at range

I used Federal 12g slug at 1610 fps.
2nd time at the range, while I was shooting, the top over flew out and the piece of metal that is attached to the charging handle broke off. This is the piece of metal that covers the ejection port. Pretty disappointed it. I love the AK look so that was why I bought this Kalashnikov komrad 12g. I don't know if Kalashnikov support will replace it for free or not. The komrad 12g was only over a week since I bought it brand new on gunprime.com.

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By skAr Remedy on 01/11/23
Great for Home Protection, quality, and value

I am very please with my Kalashnikov USA KS-12 12 Ga Semi Auto Shotgun. I purchased it shortly after a buddy let me try his VEPR-12 shotgun suppressed on a Salvo 12. The KOMRAD was at a better price point for me. The KOMRAD ships with a lock, High and Low Key/Tool, somewhat durable transport case, manual, and stickers. It also contains a foregrip and two five shot magazines. It is sturdy and feels very durable.

The safety and Bolt holder is built together. I did have one occasion when my thumb was hit by the charging handle as I loaded the shotgun with the magazine. My buddy had the same issue on his VEPR-12 but in his instance, it cut open his thumb. The charging handle on the KOMRAD is not small or very large and sits close to the safety switch. It was actually very easy to use but I ended up upgrading the charging handle by adding the AK EXTENDED CHARGING HANDLE direct from Kalashnikov USA. It made it easier to use the charging handle without catching my thumb as it sets your thumb out farther than the safety switch and bolt holder.

This is the first Pistol Brace I have owned. It was comfortable and somewhat uncomfortable at times. I definitely prefer a rifle stock over the brace.

I tested the VEPR-12 and the KOMRAD using Hornady American Whitetail 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Slugs. I found that the VEPR-12 had multiple issues feeding the shells from the magazine. The KOMRAD only had one. I believe that may have been something I caused though when I inserted the magazine. The magazine on both the KOMRAD and VEPR require you to rock it into place when loading it. It took me about eight or nine tries to figure out how to do it properly on the KOMRAD. I did find that Kalashnikov USA makes a magazine ramp add-on that assists with feeding the magazine. I wish that this would have been included. This will more than likely be another purchase for this shotgun I will be making shortly.

Overall performance between the two were very similar unsuppressed. I also thought that there was less kick with each shot using the KOMRAD compared to the VEPR. Overall I am impressed with the KOMRAD. The foregrip is very comfortable everything. The sites on it are pretty accurate out of the box. I messed with it from 5-15 yards.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely. This shotgun is very fun to use, durable, and has a great price tag on it.

NOTE: I did order a foldable rifle stock from Kalashnikov USA to have it legally converted later and I am considering the Salvo 12.

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By Jorgealonso65 on 12/13/22
Great weapon over all

I liked the fact that is an awesome firearm. Run it on premium with high fps rounds.

By A. R. on 09/20/22
Great weapon

Nothing else like it that I’ve found - aggressive

By Billy G on 10/15/21
Easy order and delivery was fast

I have only stripped, cleaned, and oiled this back up. I have not shit it yet, but looking forward to it soon.

By Sg on 06/19/20
Great experience, quick turn around on shipping.

I’ve had my product for a week now. Just waiting for some upgrades to come in before I use it.

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